It’s a new week! You know how we kick off: POETRY for the Monday!

Credit: Microsoft

Credit: Microsoft

I chose to have them shut

Call them some windows of my hut

The hut of my mind

That you could also call blind

Blind cause I actually stopped

Stopped to listen to their guts

To call me a lowlife

One not worth the essence called life

I gasped at their boldness

But I saw it lied in my vulnerableness

That I gave them room to speak

To say those words I call bleak

But now that I think of it

I smile and laugh at it

Not because it didn’t throb

But that their words can’t rob

Can’t rob me of my dignity

Neither my authenticity

So cut me some slack

I’m sure of a God who’s

Got my back

So I still choose to have it shut

Some windows of my hut

The hut of my mind

That was open to their lies.

To the picture in this post, you are probably wondering, “Why on earth did she use Windows???”

I thought of how you have sticky notes, plans, documents, blah blah on your Windows system (or any other system) and you allow it to do different things. Sometimes our minds are like that and that is why we should be watchful of what we put in there or what we expose it to…just like you would your personal devices.

I hope you do not stoop so low today, this week and even forever to accept the lies of others (just about anyone) that you are not amazing and that you cannot make giant strides. Yes, you may have shortcomings but the greater yes is that, you are awesome still. So puh-leez, get your self together at all times and do not open the windows of your precious life to the haters (or even to the lies you have told yourself).

Remember that God’s got you!

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.



Dear Teacher,

Dear Reader! You know what it is, it’s  POETRY for the Monday. Apart from the personal development nugget infused in this poem, today’s poem is also in celebration of someone special (one of my lecturers). It’s her birthday today!


Yesterday I went to the

Printing and photocopying shop

With a flash drive

Buried in the coffin

Of my palm and fingers

In it was an assignment

That needed print out

But while I waited for my turn

I watched the photocopier

How the paper went in

And birthed another of itself

Sometimes one

Sometimes two

Sometimes about ten or more

As I observed this duplication

I pondered if this happens to humans too

A “Yes” screamed in my mind

And a name came to mind

A lecturer you might call her

But a teacher I would rather say

A disciplinarian you may describe her

But a friend I would label her

It’s in the way she replicates her

Bank of knowledge

But gives you room to multiply

It’s in the way she portrays the

Definition of the young and purposeful

It’s in the way she depicts the wise, yet meek

It’s in the way she maintains an open mind

It’s in the way she doesn’t live in the huts of status quo

It’s in the way she always reaches out to be better

It’s in the way she has blessed my life.

Happy Birthday Miss Esther!


So, why don’t YOU decide today and even this week to “duplicate” a great aspect of you in another. You can never tell how far it would go. Remember, leadership is influence.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.



Focus, Prepare & Practice!

Dear CN Reader, I’m sure you must have noticed I missed two Wednesday posts in a row in the past two weeks. So guess what? We have the three weeks combined in this post (and we’d do it like this till we are done with the John Maxwell’s Talent is Never Enough review, to make the review faster). So yes, you have talent but we have said over the weeks that your talent is NOT ENOUGH and so far, we have explored talent-plus characteristics such as Belief, Passion, and Initiative. On to the next, you need Focus Preparation and Practice.

Credit: Summary

Credit: Summary

Focus Directs Your Talent

Maxwell says something so interesting, he says, “Having talent without focus is like being an octopus on roller skates. You can be sure that there will be plenty of movement, but you won’t know in what direction it will be.” How profound and how true. Ever played or watched someone play a dart game? Well I have done the latter (watched it on TV) and I realised that without full focus, you cannot hit the bulls eye. Also, in a game of bird hunting, never try to kill all the birds…just focus on getting one. However, as the book states, we live in a culture with almost infinite choices and opportunities, and because of that, most people find themselves pulled in dozens of direction. But hey, if you really want to achieve something great, you gotta keep your eyes fixed on that thing.

Preparation Positions Your Talent

I have heard a number of times that success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. So tell me, what are we doing hoping for a better tomorrow or for when we would “blow” (as it is said in Nigeria) when we are not even preparing for it. I tell of a personal experience when one of my lecturers missed a few classes, and soon, members of the class were complaining bitterly, and then one of my course mates turned to me and said, “Why are we even complaining? We haven’t even read what she asked us to. What will we tell her we’ve been doing?” She was so right and I realised we were so unprepared; there was no  need to make any complaint really. Henry Ford said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” Maxwell suggests that we should ask ourselves questions like:

i. What work is to be done?

ii. How is it to be done?

iii. When is it to be done?

iv. Where is it to be done?

v. How fast can it be done?

vi. What do I need to get it done?

And he concludes by saying, “Answering these questions prepares me for the what lies ahead. And when I am prepared, my talent is positioned for maximum effect.”As he noted, also note that if you are preparing today, you will not be repairing tomorrow. So prepare! Equip yourself with what’s needed to make you a better person. Expand your horizons and learn…get ready for the future that is constantly in your daydreams and night dreams because soon, they would either be reality or history. You get to decide!

Practice Sharpens Your Talent

Now you’re focused and you are aiming at preparation, what next? Practice! As a writer, one of the things I have heard and can confirm over time is that one becomes a writer by writing, and I believe it applies to every talent, dream and the like. Harvey MacKay says,”A good leader understands that anything that has been done in a particular way for a given amount of time is being done wrong. Every single performance can be improved.” Why do you think apps, gadgets, cars, and the like keep improving upon the existing model? They keep practicing and they understand that if preparations over the years has positioned them in the market, they have got to sharpen their skills to remain in the market. So get in and put in that little extra effort, extra time, ask for extra help and see the extra change. Max DePree says, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

Obi m : The Spice of Life

By Nevit Dilmen (talk · contribs) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

By Nevit Dilmen (talk · contribs) – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

After a recent personal experience, I have come to realise – well I have kind of always known – so let me rather say, I have become more aware that most (if not all) of the situations that determine the “upshot” of our lives, the gravity of our words, the crux of our decisions, the majority of our conclusions are not external, but internal. Sometimes, we need to seek beyond the words and reach for the silence; we need to listen beyond the letters and study the body signs. Hence, the title of my post today is partly in the Igbo language where “obi m” stands for “my heart” because it is in our hearts, minds, (within us) that we get to know and determine the things that would either set us free, hold us bound, make us happy, make us sad and so on.

Today’s poem goes thus:



It’s not in what we convey,

It’s in the silence.

It’s not in the shared thoughts,

It’s in the secrets.

It’s not in what we say,

It’s in what we don’t.

It’s not in the confessions,

It’s in the pent up emotions.

It’s not in the skin against skin,

It’s in the distances.

It’s not in the collaboration,

It’s in the sole steps.

It’s not outside ourselves,

It’s all inside,

That our true selves are unveiled;

That the outcome of our lives

Are determined.


We can’t decide if the cup is clean by merely looking at it; sometimes we need to peer into it to confirm. It’s important not to judge a book by its cover, but to allow its content speak. Now our findings can be negative or positive, but then our findings might just make clear the next phase of our lives. So next time someone speaks, look beyond the words, and next time you speak, look beyond your words because beyond the words is usually where the answer lies.

Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

Cattle Egret

Hello there! It’s Poetry for the Monday again! What do we have today? A poem by yours truly from my archives. I originally wrote this on the 16th of September, 2013. Now it is here with some editing already.

Have a great read and please remember to drop your amazing thoughts, questions and contributions in the comments box. To the poem!

Credit: Atamari

Credit: Atamari, CC BY-SA 3.0

Those large creatures

Kept for their milk and meat

The big, curved horns

That bring out the coward in me

Shall I ever go close to them?

I wonder

I ponder

But then,


This little creature:

Skinny legs,

Skinny neck,

Pointed beak,

Like a marlin’s nose.

O what humour 

That fills my heart;

For if I am scared of the bulls,

And this little bird

Hangs out on their backs

Of what esteem do I place myself?

Undeniable astonishment gathers

All around me.

Credit: Atamari, CC BY-SA 3.0

Credit: Atamari, CC BY-SA 3.0

O Egret!

Breakage to my walls of fear.

In awe,

I observeth thee.

Your small but mighty self

Encourages my steps.

Of no doubt,

Sweet joy overwhelms me

In your conduct,

And my well- being was considered

In  your creation.


My dear bird,

I know you are not human

But the sun shines on us both

So listen, my heart, listen

If this little creature can shine

With comfort

On the backs of bulls and cows,

What shall you courageously

Reach out to?


Goodbye Royalty,

With Overflowing Love,

Alexandra Zion.

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