Blogiversary: CRAFTED NOTES is 1!

Once upon a time…. Okay chill, this is not that kind of story…but I’m taking you down memory lane…so sit and enjoy. It was precisely November 29, 2015. I remember how I had fought with the possibility of having a functioning blog – like one that was actually going to be alive and well – how I had discarded its reality and how I shunned … Continue reading Blogiversary: CRAFTED NOTES is 1!

Deciding, and not Declining

Hey There! Welcome to a new week again.💃 Today we are talking about decisions – what is usually your criteria for making a decision?😏 Is it something on the outside – that’s obvious and seems alright or seems like a good enough reason? Or should it be something more? I’ll leave the answers to you (please drop them in the comment box beneath this post) … Continue reading Deciding, and not Declining

I Don’t Regret A Mile

It’s a new week again! Happy New Week to you! It’s POETRY for the Monday and today’s poem is by Howard Goodman titled, “I Don’t Regret a Mile” I’ve dreamed many a dream that’s never come true I’ve seen them vanish at dawn But enough of my dreams have come true To make me keep dreaming on   I’ve prayed many a prayer that seemed … Continue reading I Don’t Regret A Mile

Flowers from Ajegunle

I watched my three year old nephew walk through the wooden door that led to my room. The annoying creak of the door jolted me out of my thoughts and shifted my focus to him. His baby gait reminded me of the drunk fellow that almost tumbled over me at Ajegunle the other night. Even though I wasn’t sure, I think I had also seen … Continue reading Flowers from Ajegunle